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Lina Goodman, CEO, Tyre Stewardship Australia, is Drawing Inspiration From Global Schemes.

The tyre industry has said loud and clear that Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) is doing the best it can, but it’s not enough. More needs to be done.

At the helm of Australia’s product stewardship scheme for the past four years, TSA Chief Executive Officer Lina Goodman absolutely agrees more needs to be done, but she questions how much more can be achieved under the current construct.

“Government has wanted industry to do this on their own and take responsibility for the product that they’re distributing to the sector,” Lina says. “And I think that just hasn’t been able to be achieved. We’ve tried and we’ve come a long way. But it hasn’t worked.”

TSA was established as a voluntary product stewardship scheme to create productive outcomes for end-of-life tyres. In almost a decade it has accredited 1700 participants and committed $9 million to projects to advance the use of tyre-derived material.



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