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More Than 2,400 ‘mystery’ Scrap Tires Removed From Remote Island Off B.C. Coast.

More than 2,400 scrap tires were removed from a remote islet off the Sunshine Coast last month, a group of environmental organizations has reported.

A 33-person team from the Ocean Legacy Foundation and Let’s Talk Trash removed the offending tires between Oct. 29 and 30 from the small island off the east coast of Nelson Island. No one knows the “mystery” of how they got there, according to plastic pollution specialist Abby McLennan.

“We first caught wind of ‘Tire Island’ while out scouting for shoreline cleaning projects in early June of this year,” the Let’s Talk Trash team co-founder told Global News.

“We were just cruising along the coastline and sort of saw from afar this little island … it was just covered in black sort of stuff. As we got closer, the black stuff turned into mountains of tires.”



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