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Plascon Plastics Uses Recycled Tires to Create Innovative Products

At TSBC, our focus is on encouraging consumers to recycle their old car tires so they can be diverted from landfills and instead recycled into new and useful products. To make this possible, we work with partners like Plascon Plastics – a company that specializes in developing sustainable manufacturing solutions through the production of injection moldings.

We first worked with Plascon back in 2010 when we were introduced to the company by Mike Roberge, an owner at the time of Western Rubber. Plascon had started to look at plastic rubber composite products, specifically the Stomp Stone–a rubber/plastic composite stepping stone-like product designed to compete with stone, concrete, and solid rubber patio stones. The board was very interested in supporting such an innovative idea that used BC recycled rubber, and agreed to provide a grant to Plascon through the Tire Stewardship BC Research and Development Program to help create their first mold.

The product was highly successful in-market, and since that first innovative design, many more plastic rubber composite products have been produced by Plascon using recycled rubber from old car tires that were collected from around the province.

Innovation Through R&D Grants Video

Creating New Value From Old Tires - What Happens to Scrap Tires



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