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The Opportunity of a Generation: Embracing Sustainable Leadership

By Dr Matt Guthridge, Head of Energy and Natural Resources, ANZ, Russell Reynolds Associates

Organizations that deliver on their sustainability ambitions will create value for their stakeholders, customers, employees, investors and the communities they serve.

Employing over a quarter of a million people and contributing to nearly 15 per cent of gross domestic product and more than two-thirds of total exports, the mining sector is central to Australia’s economy. The nation’s resource and energy export earnings are set to achieve a record $459 billion in the 2022–23 financial year. Ensuring the sustainable performance of this vital sector of the economy is a top priority.

The pressure on mining companies to tackle sustainability – the management of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues – continues to mount. A broad set of stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors and suppliers, are increasingly challenging mining companies to respond to concerns about climate change and environmental disruption, threats to indigenous ways of life, changing societal values, and economic and political instability.

The most progressive mining companies will have a corporate strategy and operational practices with sustainability at their core.



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