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Success Stories

We present a curated list of innovative and successful companies in the recycled rubber industry.

A commendable initiative that spotlights sustainability and excellence. By showcasing these

companies, we not only celebrate their achievements but also contribute to the promotion

of eco-friendly practices. Whether they specialize in transforming discarded rubber into

high-quality flooring solutions or innovative industrial applications, each company on the

list serves as a beacon of environmental responsibility and business acumen. This curated

compilation provides a valuable resource for individuals and businesses interested in

sustainable practices, offering insights into the strides made within the recycled rubber sector.


As our website becomes a hub for such success stories, it establishes itself as a go-to platform for those passionate about the intersection of innovation, environmental consciousness, and business success in the recycled rubber industry.

Leaf and Globe
Liberty Tire Logo

Liberty Tire Recycling

Liberty Tire Recycling is a leading tire recycling company that specializes in collecting and processing discarded tires to create sustainable products. The company was founded in the United States in the early 2000s with the goal of addressing the environmental challenges posed by the disposal of used tires.


One of Liberty Tire Recycling's major achievements is its innovative approach to tire recycling. The company developed advanced technologies to process and transform scrap tires into valuable materials, including crumb rubber, rubber mulch, and industrial feedstock. These recycled rubber products have various applications, such as in road construction, playgrounds, landscaping, and manufacturing.


Liberty Tire Recycling has played a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of tire disposal. By providing an efficient and eco-friendly solution for handling used tires, the company has contributed to the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of landfill waste.

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August 22, 2023                                                                                 

Pittsburgh, PA – Liberty Tire Recycling, the premier North American provider of tire recycling services, has released its 2022 environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report, announcing a goal of zero waste by 2030 and describing company initiatives to advance sustainable products, accelerate environmental stewardship, and engage people and communities in the locations it serves.

“At Liberty Tire, we recognize that the pursuit of zero waste is not just an aspiration; it is a responsibility we owe to our planet and future generations.” said Liberty Tire Recycling CEO Thomas Womble. “We’re eager to collaborate with our customers and industry partners to expand existing markets and identify new opportunities in pursuit of this goal.”

Among other highlights in the 2022 report, it includes that Liberty Tire Recycling:

  • Collected more than 195 million tires across the U.S. and Canada, creating 4.3 billion pounds of rubber available for beneficial end-uses.

  • Avoided over 750,000 Metric Tons CO2e through the use and application of our recycled products.

  • Decreased annual OSHA recordables by 58% and Lost Time injuries by 85% since 2010.
    Removed more than 371,000 pounds from our waste stream by recycling super sacks into a composite lumber product.

  • Reduced fleet mileage by over 161,000 miles through route optimization in the Texas market

  • Converted more than 320,000 square feet to LED lighting which reduced lighting consumption by 67%. 

“As we continue to evolve and strive for excellence, we invite all our stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey,” said Amy Brackin, Liberty Tire Recycling Senior Vice President of Sustainability. “Together, we can build a future where end-of-life tires are no longer considered waste, resources are conserved, and the planet thrives.”

Liberty Tire’s 2022 ESG report is available 


Learn more about Liberty Tire Recycling. Visit the Website:

Eco-Flex Recycled Rubber Solutions

Eco-Flex® products, proudly crafted in North America, have gained global recognition. With a rich history spanning decades in recycling rubber tires, Eco-Flex® has captured the attention of an international audience with its distinctive offerings.


Environmentally Conscious Every year, Eco-Flex® prevents millions of tires from ending up in landfills, oceans, and other disposal sites.


Commitment to safeguarding the environment extends to each recycled tire, making a positive impact one tire at a time.


Sustainability Emphasizing sustainability, all our products are 100% recyclable, contributing to a circular and eco-friendly approach.


Robust and Enduring Retaining the exceptional qualities of rubber, our products demonstrate durability even in harsh climates and challenging conditions.


Enhance Workplace Safety Crafted from rubber, our products reduce the risk of electrical accidents, provide a non-slip surface, and minimize snow and ice accumulation, fostering safer work environments.


Remarkable Flexibility Designed to withstand drops and mishandling, our products exhibit high flexibility and resilience.


User-Friendly Installation Many of our products can be easily installed with minimal crew requirements, translating to significant time and cost savings for our customers.




NWR Logo

North West Rubber

For over 50 years,  North West Rubber has been a leading manufacturer of recycled rubber flooring solutions throughout North America and globally. 

For over 50 years, North West Rubber has partnered with governments, industry stewardship groups, and other environmentally conscious organizations across North America to reduce the number of scrap tires that are landfilled or incinerated.


The company owns and operates manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, China and Texas (2019) . Their products are distributed all over the world. 

The markets that NWR serves today include: Agriculture, Recreational Flooring, Commercial Flooring, Playground, Pet, Construction, Industrial, Traffic Safety, Marine, Solar, Manufacturing, and Landscaping.

Clean energy

We use a closed loop process generating virtually zero rubber waste during manufacturing.



Protecting the environment by creating innovative and versatile products.



Rubber agroforests are becoming a great habitat for fostering and conserving biodiversity in their local areas.


Renewal of natural rubber

Natural rubber renewable resource because it is a liquid sap extracted from a tapped tree that does not get damaged. 



IMC Logo

IMC Outdoor Living, a division of Liberty Tire Recycling, views sustainability and environmental stewardship as our two founding principles that work in harmony with each another – protecting the world we have today and preserving it for generations to come. Together with our parent company Liberty Tire Recycling, we collect and recycle more than 190 million tires annually, reclaiming more than 3 billion pounds of rubber into beneficial end-use products. Liberty Tire Recycling is the premier provider of tire collection and recycling services with 28 processing plants strategically placed throughout North America and Canada. IMC Outdoor Living, founded in 2000, started with a sole product, Rubberific Mulch. This product is revolutionary in that it looks just like wood mulch but is produced from 100 percent recycled tires. The recycled rubber is used to produce playground mulches, swing mats, playground timbers, pavers, landscape edging, splash blocks, and tree rings. These products and brands are carried at more than 10,000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

We also partner with Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart to produce their private label recycled rubber products. While continuing to grow our recycled rubber business, we expanded into other outdoor living space areas. This led us to a partnership with the W. Atlee Burpee Company, and we offer a full line of natural and organic premium soils, soil amendments, and plant foods. In addition to all that we do with our recycled rubber brands of Rubberific, Groundsmart, NuScape, NuPlay, and Lasting Beauty and our

line of Burpee products we have added the Luminite candle to our family of brands.

Our mission is to provide consumers with innovative and sustainable products that

keep billions of pounds of materials out of landfills and contribute to the well-being

of our communities and the long-term health of our planet.


The level of commitment we have at IMC Outdoor Living toward making our world a better place is reflected in the products that we manufacture and the consumers across North America that are looking to become better stewards of the land.